A Flexible Bass Recording Rig

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    Getting the best bass guitar tone to tape is a never-ending quest. Hopefully, this blog post will be an inspiration to you.

    Avid Eleven Rack (11R) is a guitar/bass preamp processor that can also function as an audio interface when connected to a computer. In today’s scenario, it will be used as a stand-alone device. It is the first device in the recording chain functioning as a signal multiplier and an amplifier/speaker simulator.

    11R provides two instrument level outputs specifically designed for connecting to the input of a guitar amplifier or any other device with a Hi-Z input. I was able to send the bass signal to my Ampeg BA-115 combo and also to the DI input of my Joemeek Twin Q. Twin Q will provide a warm and leveled (thanks to the optical compressor onboard) clean signal sent to your DAW, which you can use along with a bass amp emulator plugin such as IK Multimedia’s Ampeg SVX or one of the uber-realistic bass amplifier emulations from Plugin Alliance.

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