Work with Me

Finish Those Songs

As a producer, my role is to do whatever is necessary to finalize a song or an album by completing all the required steps to prepare for a release. Whether it is some missing lyrics, a killer chorus, vocal coaching, final touches to the arrangement, a complete redo, or anything in between. I will communicate with you and make sure you reflect your artist identity precisely as you intended and what you wanted to convey gets through.

Remote Collaboration

I have the latest technologies to engineer and produce 100% remotely via the internet, including recording vocals or live instruments. You will conveniently perform in your place while I handle the recording process. The only difference will be the computer monitors between us instead of the studio window separating the control room and the studio.


One of my favorite things is to polish songs and make them sound better. Instrument separation, dynamic range, stereo image, competitive loudness levels for today’s streaming platforms are some of the crucial processes involved in mixing. Not to forget that all music styles are not the same, and they will require a different approach.

Send me an email at and let’s discuss what we can do together.