New Release: FERMENTE – Iste Olsun

Artist: Fermente
Single: Iste Olsun

K.Serdar Ay: Vocals, Acoustic/Electric Gitar
Savaş Birol: Bass
Barış Çetin: Drums
Barış Birol: Arranging
Gürkan Erken: Electric Guitar
Recording & Editing: K.Serdar Ay
Mixing & Mastering: Bora Uslusoy
Label: bUMA RecordZ


Teaching at Berklee

I have begun teaching at Berklee College of Music this fall as an assistant professor. I am in the Music Production and Engineering (MP&E) department. I teach Critical Listening, Accelerated Pro Tools, Audio and MIDI Systems for Music Production, Mix Techniques 2. Amazing faculty, enthusiastic students, great facilities. I enjoy every moment of it. Here is the link to my faculty bio page.

Recording at the Record Company

I recently had the pleasure of recording for Lucas Bun a great singer. Moreover, we had the one and only Larry Watson as the producer, Utar Artun was the arranger and also on the piano. We had two long days at The Record Company – Boston where we tracked 14 songs. The rest of the line up was made up of drums, percussion, electric and acoustic bass, electric guitar, saxophone, trumpet, and harmonica. We used Studio A’s main room and both of the booths at the same time. We recorded live to Pro Tools, only overdubbed the wind instruments. The project is currently at editing process. Get ready for an exciting mixture of  Latin and R&B.

Melda’s plugs

MeldaProduction create some of the best (and most complicated) plug-ins out there! I am a long time fan of their MAutoDynamicEQ. It has great sounding filters, a superb dynamic mode and as with many of their plug-ins, a great spectrum analyzer. They also have a load of free stuff, so you should definitely check’em out.

New Release: Sercan Sungur – Başkaca


Actor, singer, songwriter Sercan Sungur’s new single is out. Click here to visit his website and here to buy the album from iTunes. 

Sercan Sungur: Vocals
Nurkan Renda: Acoustic/Electric/Bass Guitars, Piano, Backing Vocals, Producer
Alen Konakoğlu: Drums, Mixing
Mastering: Steve Corrao (Sage Audio Nashville Studio)
Release Date: March 2016
Photography: Aydan Çınar
Cover Design: Sanem Tan