Melda’s plugs

MeldaProduction create some of the best (and most complicated) plug-ins out there! I am a long time fan of their MAutoDynamicEQ. It has great sounding filters, a superb dynamic mode and as with many of their plug-ins, a great spectrum analyzer. They also have a load of free stuff, so you should definitely check’em out.

New Release: Sercan Sungur – Başkaca


Actor, singer, songwriter Sercan Sungur’s new single is out. Click here to visit his website and here to buy the album from iTunes. 

Sercan Sungur: Vocals
Nurkan Renda: Acoustic/Electric/Bass Guitars, Piano, Backing Vocals, Producer
Alen Konakoğlu: Drums, Mixing
Mastering: Steve Corrao (Sage Audio Nashville Studio)
Release Date: March 2016
Photography: Aydan Çınar
Cover Design: Sanem Tan